Freelance Opportunities

Are you a freelance photographer, videographer, blogger or a musician? Want to be involved in the exciting local food truck movement? ETS757 is always on the look out for "Chew Crew Members" to take photos and create write-ups! 


Being a part of the "Chew Crew" is as fun as you make it! Join us at corporate lunches, meetups, festivals and more- never pay for admission to any event ETS757 food trucks are at- simply present your Chew Crew VIP Pass! 


We will always give you proper credit of your work and love to cross-promote! Contact us for more details if you'd like to be involved! 


Oh and one more thing- come hungry- we don't call it the "chew" crew for nothin! ;) 

Become an Eat The Streets 757 Partner

Eat The Streets 757 is a premier network of local food businesses that include food trucks, food trailers and food carts. We have worked hard, and continue to do so, to create an outstanding reputation when it comes to quality, professionalism and customer service. All members of the ETS 757 network are fully licensed and permitted by the local Health Department. Each member strives to offer a fresh and innovative mobile food experience.


ETS 757 is always looking for new food vendors  and fellow entrepreneurs to join our growing network! In order to uphold our high standards for the network and our customers, we have a list of requirements that all businesses must adhere to before and after becoming a member.



  • Must be the OWNER of an already established food truck, trailer or cart.

  • Mobile unit must be the forefront of your business.

  • Must have a business license and be permitted by the local Health Department in at least ONE of the seven cities in Hampton Roads.

  • Unit must be clean and your business must maintain a professional and positive image.

  • Food handlers must comply with the safety rules set forth by the Department of Health.

  • Must have a menu with fair market prices.

  • Must possess customer service skills (answering emails and returning phone calls in a timely manner as well as maintaining exemplary customer relations in ALL situations.)

  • Must be active on social media and know how to communicate with your customers on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram- and do so on a regular basis.

  • ETS 757 is divided up into 2 participation levels- the amount of participation on the part of your business is TOTALLY UP TO YOU!


*In most cases at least one of the ETS757 administrators would like to see your unit in action and taste your food prior to being invited into the network..


*Remember, once you are a member of ETS 757 you are no longer just representing your own business, but the businesses of many. Food trucks are our passion and our careers. If you feel the same, please contact us!


If you would like to become an official ETS757 member and already fulfill all of the above requirements, please send us a message via email at and tell us about yourself and your business! Please include pictures, a current menu, and links to your social media outlets. We are excited to hear from you!

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