Interested in having ETS 757 food trucks cater your next event, come to your office or participate in your festival? The following FAQ will help answer some of your initial questions. All events are unique with different budgets, goals and requirements. We will work with you to find a catering solution to meet your needs!


1. I’m getting married and interested in a mobile food truck for our reception, rehearsal dinner or post reception feast.

-First, congratulations! Our trucks can be booked for daytime and evening events with a minimum lead time of three weeks. We will work with your venue to handle parking, permitting, arrival, departure and placement of your truck. Cost for booking a mobile truck typically ranges from $1,500-$3,000 (this is an estimate given without knowing headcount or menu choice). If traveling outside of the Hampton Roads area- extra costs may be applied.

2. My company is having an employee appreciation event, company picnic or client event for 200 to 300 people. We would like each guest to receive one full meal including a drink from a truck. We would like to have two or three trucks on site for guests to choose from.

-We highly recommend creating a ticket system for your guests to help control cost, food consumption and to provide us with an accounting system on the back end. Each guest would receive one ticket good at any of the trucks. Attendees choose one meal and a drink from the truck of their choice. Depending on truck and menu choice, trucks would each require a minimum of between $800-$1500. Giving the guests the option of trucks, some trucks may go over the minimum and others may not. Differences will be billed to the client. We will return all tickets to you at the end of the day allowing you to see exactly what was served. With this option you can expect to pay between $10 and $15 per person.


3. We are throwing an event and would like to have between three and six trucks to serve a tasting menu for guests. We would like our guests to taste different items from a number of trucks.

-Together with the client, we will create a ticket system for the guests. We can provide guests with one ticket for each truck (color specific) or a number of generic tickets (each good for one taste from any truck). A ticket system will allow us to control the amount of food consumed by each guest and will give us an accurate count at the end of your event. We can also create a dessert and/or drink coupon. Without knowing menu and truck choices, generally trucks will each require a $800- $1500 minimum per 3 hours.  Trucks will collect and return all tickets after the event. If the minimum is not met, the difference will be billed to the client. No food or beverages are given to take home nor will gift certificates issued to make up for not meeting the full minimum. If the client requires printing and/or graphics to be handled by ETS757 costs will be billed to client. With the tasting option, clients can expect costs to run between $15 and $20 per guest.


4. We have a street festival, park event or other large, outdoor gathering and would like to create an ETS 757 food truck meetup style event with four or more trucks onsite.

- ETS757 has extensive experience with providing food truck services as well as marketing services for large events that include a food truck meetup! We will work with you to help determine the number of trucks that would be best for your event as well as the type of trucks- based on the estimated attendance and the style/type of event you are hosting.  We will also work with you when it comes to shared marketing and dual marketing for the event. ETS757 has its own following- as do the individual trucks. We love supporting and teaming up with small and local businesses! We can provide many references upon request. 


5.  We are hosting an event and do not want to use tickets. We want guests to be able to eat as they wish. How do we pay for a service like that?

-Each truck is an independently owned business and operates in a unique fashion with different product, staff size, food costs, etc. We would work with you to determine the correct amount of food for each truck to have on hand depending on attendance, menu size, and number of trucks. We would ensure that trucks do not run out of food, slow in production or turn people away. When we ask trucks to stop counting and just serve, it is considered a buy-out. To buy out a truck you will pay more than a controlled situation, but your guests do not deal with tickets and eat whatever they would like.


6. We work in an area with no lunch options and our business park is interested in having an ETS757 food truck lunch rotation…how do we make this happen?

- Please email us at eatthestreets757@gmail.com – your office name, location, and number of people in your office or office building. We will help get the ball rolling! We typically send out one truck for a trial run before making a  schedule- this way we can determine if a food truck rotation will be work for both the trucks and the client. The trucks have a typical minimum requirement of 75 orders per 3 hours (11-2pm). Once the details are worked out and if the trial was a success…ETS757 makes the schedule for you and creates a colorful flier for you to distribute to your co-workers. We then email the office contact a reminder each week with a menu of the truck that will be there  It is our goal to make this as easy and convenient as possible. Leave all the work to us- just walk outside and enjoy a food truck lunch!

Easy as 1, 2, 3!


7. Do you have vegan, gluten free or other food restrictive diet options?


-Yes, yes and yes! We have a number of trucks who can meet most dietary restrictions and will work with you to ensure menus meet the needs of your guests.


8. Do I need to worry about Insurance or Health and Fire Permits for the trucks?

-ETS757 requires all trucks to provide current health permits and fire inspections. We also require all trucks to supply their current seller’s permit. In addition, all of our vendors carry a minimum of 1 million dollars liability coverage that can have any host added as additionally insured. We are happy to provide copies of documents as necessary.


9. I am a local food truck and am interested in becoming part of ETS757 but do not know how it works or who to talk to where do I start? 

-ETS757 is always interested in growing our family! ETS757 works as a network of like-minded people, we are all food truck owners! We are pioneering the local food truck revolution! We work with many local businesses, corporations, companies, festivals and more- and in turn keep our schedules full- and we can fill yours too! We have many opportunities waiting for you so please contact us- and do not hesitate to contact one of the other food truck owners in ETS757 and ask them questions everyone is nice and willing to talk to any prospective food truck owner!  If you are up and running and ready to join please see our “how to join” tab and follow those instructions. Can’t wait to hear from you! 


10. I am in the process of starting my food truck business and need help with startup, permits, menu creation etc… Can you help? 

-Yes! ETS757 offers consulting packages to help you start your food truck business. Email us to inquire more information.